Anonymous said: wait what is wrong with PETA?


Oh, “what is wrong with PETA”. This should be interesting.

Where should I start? Their objectification of women? Their body-shaming? Their forcing of beliefs onto others? Hmmm….

I’ll start with body-shaming.


Seriously PETA what the fuck is this? Does it need explaining?

Now there’s a million examples of their objectification of women, I’l show a few, blatantly sexist ads.






Soooooooooo basically yeah. Women are props to them just so they can force their beliefs onto others. And again, that brings me back to this:


Women being large to them is an account of not being vegan/vegetarian? You can have health problems where being vegetarian or vegan can KILL you, you know, it doesn’t make you any thinner or fatter. So women are again, a prop.

Now the forcing of beliefs.


Okay um. Here. People wearing monkey masks insulting a university. Now, I’ll have you know that this was taken very near the campus. So they’re technically harassing this university. 



REALLY? INDIA? Do you know how insulting this is to most Indian’s beliefs? 

Hindu is the most prominent religion in India, and they have this sort of taboo against menstrual women. 

But guess what? THIS AD IS AN ACTUAL THING ON THE PETA INDIA WEBSITE. Don’t believe me? Check here. 

Well. I’m getting worked up, and I think I proved my point enough. Thanks for asking.

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  • Harry:
  • Ron:
  • Hermione:
  • Snape: ...Up to something.

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  • Snape: What would three young Gryffindors such as yourselves be doing inside... on a day like this?
  • Hermione: Uh... Well... We... We were just...
  • Snape: You ought to be careful. People will think you're...
  • Harry:
  • Ron:
  • Hermione:

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RIP Brian Griffin January 31, 1999 - November 24, 2013

I cried here :(

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[ Urge to shove the shard to his heart intensifies ]

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Grow your condom.

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Let me just tell you something about this final scene. I sat through this whole movie thoroughly enjoying every last little bit of it. I even made a running motion when the first two gifs happened. When the movie finished my boyfriend was very very quiet and he looked a little sad. I was very confused because it was a fantastic movie. He turned to me and asked “is that suppose to represent how our education system doesn’t make enough accommodations for [mentally] slower students?"  Monster’s University was a little deeper than I thought

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FUN ANIMATED FILMS FACT:  The characterization of Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) and Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet) are both based on James Dean’s character from “Rebel Without a Cause.”

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