This Title Rocks, Okay?

“There is no use running, my love…” The demon’s voice purred in the darkness surrounding her. “I will always be watching you…” The girl panicked, kicking her legs faster through the unknown woods, fighting the mud and rain that tried holding her back with a deadly grip. The thunder crashed and lightning illuminated the area, but she had no idea where she was. It all started as a dream, but the demon grabbed her then, taking her to a place unrecognizable to her and far away from her world. He thought it would be entertaining to watch her run away from him in fear.

More thunder pounded in her ears and she let out a scream. Her lungs burned from the running and the fear in her heart, provoking the demon to laugh psychotically. “My dear Beth…where do you think you’re GOING!?” He appeared in front of her, grinning with needle like teeth glistening in the flash of lightning, and ice blue eyes glowing in the darkness that followed. “Don’t try to deny me, love…you knew I would come for this sooner or later…” Beth’s lungs were too tired to let out a scream. Her instincts immediately told her to turn and run, trying not to cry harder as he laughed again, more insane than before. “Oh, I love it when you fear me…” He traveled in the darkness, teasing her and loving the sight of her body beginning to give up on her due to exhaustion. She turned for a moment to see how close he was, but this mistake was nearly fatal. Something caught her foot, sending her tumbling down a knoll of dirt and stones, trying to scream. After the long moment of rolling in the mud, she felt herself freefall, pounding down to the ground and knocking whatever wind was left out of her chest. She struggled to breathe, trying to push herself up to escape the inevitable. Her eyes found the dark form of the demon, getting closer and more psychotic with every flash of lightning. That was the moment she felt her heart fall in fear.

The demon loomed over her, smiling with dark lust at her dirty, tired form. “Trust me, pet, you will be numb to the pain and find the pleasure in it soon…” He reached out to grab her, chuckling when she cowered, crying from the fear. “You’re mine…”

The demon stopped, turning to the bushes behind him as a voice carried out in the night, growing closer and closer. The demon turned to her with an angry snarl. Skipping the parting words, the demon vanished into a black mist, leaving Beth to cry in the dirt as the voice grew closer, ranting on and on, blissfully unaware of what had happened and he was about to see…

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